Your space deserves to shine. From apartments to large homesteads, our team paints with passion and professionalism. After all, your home is your oasis. And we get that.

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Shine From Within

We are committed to making every wall clean and smooth and all finishes seamless – and we do so politely and professionally. So your home life isn’t disrupted. Pride in your home starts with the street view.

Our materials and application methods cater to BC’s unpredictable climate. So you know that what we paint today will shine on well into the future.

Our residential services include:

  •  Exterior coatings
  •  Caulking and filling
  •  Window seals
  •  Power washing and mildew removal

Residential Clients

"Thank you so much for completing a fantastic paint job. I will continue to highly recommend and refer Peerless Painting to anyone looking for quality work from a dedicated business professional. Thank you!"

− Phebe Trotman, Residential Client

"Very pleased with the job overall. Best contractor experience I’ve had in years, if not a decade. Fair pricing and excellent service."

− Leo Violette, Residential Client