Peerless Painting Saves The Day

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  • January 27, 2015

On a grey winters day not so far in the past
People just knew color could not long last
Wherever you looked you could see paint was peeling
And spread on the wall as if without feeling
Colors unchanged since the year 88
Simply added to the faded old fate.
Our walls are all tattered the people did shout
And patches and holes are scattered about.
Oh why is our land so dreary and worn
To live in this space just makes us forlorn.
But just as it seemed the darkness would grow
Here and there spots of color did suddenly show.
The colors were new and vibrant by choice
And seemed to take on their very own voice.
A symphony of color across the land would spread
A rainbow to chase away boredom and dread
Each with their own glossy new sheen
Since Peerless Painting had arrived on the scene.

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